San Carlos Mold Inspection & Testing

San Carlos Mold Inspection

Can You Trust Your Mold Testing Company?

San Carlos mold inspection services from Bay Area Mold Pros is a flat fee service that will let you know if you require mold remediation services. Since we ONLY offer mold inspection and testing you can be confident that there is no conflict of interest with us. We won't use the testing results as a way to "up sell" you on remediation services.

Do You Need a Professional to Inspect For Mold?

You have seen mold growing inside your San Carlos home or commercial building. You may be thinking about inspecting and testing the premises yourself to save some money. Before you go to your local Home Depot store to get a mold testing kit, you should consider the pros and cons of DIY mold testing.

3 Reasons DIY Mold Testing Kits Aren't Enough

Sure, you can buy that DIY mold testing kit and test what mold you see growing indoors. Then what? Here are the three main reasons why you should opt for a professional mold inspection company instead.

  1. Hidden Mold
    You can test the mold you see growing, but what about the mold you DON’T see? If you can see mold growing in your home, then the underlying conditions that lead to mold growth are present in your home. This means that it is possible, even likely, that mold is growing where you can't see it, such as behind wall tile, or on the framing-side of drywall.

    At Bay Area Mold Pros, we know when to recommend that air samples should be collected. And air samples will collect any mold spores that are present in the space being tested. Furthermore, our inspectors are using very advanced moisture meters to determine where moisture in present in your home. Once moisture has been located, we can determine the best way to test for mold.
  2. Mold Testing Results
    Do you really know what the test results mean? What do you do once you have them? When a professional like Bay Area Mold Pros inspects the interior of your San Carlos premises, they document every detail.

    Bay Area Mold Pros utilizes a nationally renowned and fully accredited lab to analyze all samples collected from your home. This lab then issues a very detailed lab report that provides information on how much mold is present in each sample, and just as important, the specific genus of the mold collected.

    You receive the entire lab report once the analysis has been completed, but more importantly, you will receive a written report from Bay Area Mold Pros that explains the lab report findings, and additionally, provides conclusions and recommendations that are based on the physical inspection.

    With a DIY mold test, you're on your own to not only figure out any results you've been provided, you're on your own to then decide how best to proceed with the information that you now have. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish, you're dealing with both your health, and with the most asset you can own. Trust the pros at Bay Area Mold Pros to provide you with a professional inspection, a professional report, and easy-to-understand recommendations.
  3. Cost of Mold Inspection and Testing
    Granted, the cost of a DIY mold testing kit is less expensive than hiring a professional. But you may be throwing that money away because the results are useless. If you don’t have details on the extent and type of mold growing inside your San Carlos home or business, what good will it do you?

Bay Area Mold Pros in San Carlos

We have the tools and resources to thoroughly inspect your home or workplace for the existence of mold growth. Our services include:

  • Inspection. We begin by testing the exterior of the building for signs of water leaks and intrusion. We will note drainage, roof, gutter, windows, doors, foundation, and siding issues that could be possible points of entry for water.
  • Readings. Because mold needs moist and wet conditions to grow, we measure the levels of moisture and humidity indoors. We’ll take readings the moisture levels on typical surfaces like garage and basement floors, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and drywall. We’ll also measure the humidity present in all living areas, crawl spaces and attics. All readings will be documented in the final report.
  • Air or Swab Samples. We will take two samples of the air quality; one taken outside the building and the other from inside. We can also take swab samples, if you prefer. Two swabs samples are taken from suspected areas. Samples are sent to a certified lab who will perform the scientific analysis. Results will be documented in our final report.

All these services, plus the written report containing recommendations, are provided at one fair price of $395! No hidden fees or extra costs—you know what you’re paying and what it’s for before we begin.

Give Bay Area Mold Pros a call if you suspect mold is growing inside your San Carlos home or workplace.