Most mold services providers attempt to get their foot in the door by offering a relatively low inspection price, and then offering numerous “additional services” once they arrive at your home and try to “up-sell” their products. At Bay Area Mold Pros, we tell you upfront what we are providing, and what it will cost you.

We have been providing construction and remodeling services to residents of San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, and the rest of the Bay Area for over 40 years. And for the past five years we have performed mold testing and thousands of mold inspections in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Exterior Inspection

Even if you suspect that your home has a very specific issue or problem area, we will inspect the exterior of your home focusing on all of the following systems: siding and stucco issues, window and flashing issues, gutter and roofing issues, drainage and ground water issues, and any other systems which affect moisture and mold growth.

Moisture Levels

Your written inspection report will include a description of any areas where moisture is suspected. We utilize both moisture meters and thermal imagers to attempt to locate moisture in drywall, plaster, flooring, trim, tile, and any other surfaces where moisture may be present.


Your written inspection report will include humidity readings in any areas where mold growth is suspected, as well as areas where moisture is detected.

Air Samples

You will receive a lab report which details the lab analysis of (minimally) 4 air samples, 3 of which are collected from inside the home, and one of which is collected as a “control” sample from outside the home. The inspection report will fully explain the findings contained in the lab report.

Swab Samples

Swab, tape, and direct samples are also collected when relevant, or when requested by clients. These are normally collected in addition to the air samples, and the cost of the lab analysis ($50 per lab analysis), is added to the base price of the inspection.


The written inspection report prepared by Bay Area Mold Pros will include both the conclusions we have arrived at after reviewing the lab report, and any recommendations which are relevant based on both the physical inspection and the lab analysis.

Our written report will interpret the lab report, and explain the lab’s conclusions in “layman’s terms.” Most clients choose to phone Bay Area Mold Pros to discuss the findings upon receiving the Inspection Report and Lab Report. We are always available via phone to explain any aspect of either report which is unclear for confusing to our clients.


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